In vino veritas

It’s our last evening in Portugal. If last night’s hostel was questionable, tonight’s hostel is a dream. Hostels cost 5€ per night. We were greeted by charming women who went out of their way to get us the pilgrim credential, find us a special dormitory for only our group. We have purple sheets, pillows and our own bathroom, clean with hot water. And so we are comfortable and can break bread and toast life, love, friends and the camino.
Whether it is a simple red wine or port wine, one bottle among seven is enough: the ritual is enough to spark lively discussions at many levels, the kind one finds only among women. We are only missing Emilio Estevez to produce a second film about The Way, from a female perspective. This is a group of strong women. Each of us have had our share of joys and trials in life. The discussions are simultaneously irreverent and respectful, wide ranging and pointed.

We each bring our worlds with us. So, for many of you reading this blog, rest assured that we have already drawn you into our conversations, and in a way, you have walked some steps of the camino with us.





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